3 Reasons why you need a chief technologist in a start-up

A common and increasingly asked question I find myself getting from start-up entrepreneurs is “Do I need a CTO or technologist as a co-founder, can I not just outsource the pure technical development and own the IP?” I have 3 key reasons, based on experience supporting start-ups through funding and commercial success, as to why I think the answer to … Read More

Why businesses need coaches or mentors

For the sports-focused society that we are, I am surprised that there are not more high-paced businesses that make use of business coaches and mentors. I have come across very few people who admit to seeing the benefit of leveraging an outsider as a confidante, advisor and coach but rather the opposite “We are doing okay, why would we need … Read More

Tailoring Business Plans for Investors – A presentation for Entrepreneur Country

I have been asked to give a presentation about tailoring business plans for investors at the Entrepreneur Country Building Your Business Summer Workshop tomorrow (30th June 2011) in partnership with Smith & Williamson. As this is a core topic for the book I am working on I am rather excited about the opportunity. Googling “Writing Business Plans” returns 154m results … Read More