Stop looking! You are where you need to be: right here, right now!


“Ignition – in a nuclear context occurs as a reaction in which two or more atomic nuclei collide at a high-speed and join to form a new type of atomic nucleus resulting in the release of huge amounts of energy”

A little while ago I had that moment where I stopped dead in my tracks. “Hang on! Where am I and how did I get here?”, I asked myself. I realised that I had allowed myself to get a little lost. I had taken my life off the path that I had imagined for it. This was not a gentle realisation. It was an abrupt awakening, a bit like walking into a glass door! It left me feeling vulnerable, weak and lonely. It was scary and I was not ready.

After some time, and some navigational help, I realised that I could stop looking. I was right where I needed to be just then.

You are here - photo from

You are here – photo from

By entering a safe and inquisitive space without judgement I got the perspective that helped me make sense of where I was. It was perfect, it had always been perfect.

This, I believe is true for everyone. We are where we need to be.

Sometimes we just don’t know this. It is a bit like looking for something which is right in front of you… You know that experience of looking for the keys which are in your hand, along with 5 other things? In life we are always holding the keys but we get distracted by the other things we are also holding. Sometimes we just need someone to point out that they are already in our hand!

When I realised I was were I needed to be I felt reconnected and transformed. A re-ignition had happened in my thinking. My separated ‘nuclei’ had been reconnected.

I realised that I needed to go through the separation angst and then the reconnection so that  I could appreciate where I was – here and now.

I think too many of us spend our lives living in clichés. We wait for the right time to make a change. We hope for someone else to turn the lights on. We let ourselves experience the magic of life through others (books, TV, inspirational speakers). We are waiting for permission to be who we are.

We drift through life expecting tomorrow will give us a chance to see or be something different. We think we are stuck in our choices and we cannot afford to change. We fear that change will be stepping backwards.

I believe that so many of us are looking ‘out there’ to the future, unaware that sometimes, what we are looking for is already here. That future we look to is like the ‘rainbow’s pot of gold’ or the ‘greener grass’.

I believe that with a little help and a safe place we can ask the right questions and open up to the transformation that the answers provide.

When we realise that we actually are where we need to be. We have what we need to have. There is nothing more out there than in here, that is when we shift from existing to living. When we are no longer separated from ourselves, this is personal re-ignition!

We can stop looking because we have come full circle, back to where we need to be – where we are now. Only we have dropped the baggage we weren’t meant to be carrying.

Are you looking to drop some baggage, or explore your own re-ignition? Get in touch, let’s have a chat.