Think, Feel, Know – what are you?

I am Thinking, Feeling, Knowing… huh?

I did the Think Feel Know test over the weekend and was a little surprised to see I am 42% Feeling, 32% Thinking and only 25% Knowing. This means I respond energetically to the world around me, have an open and explorative style and discuss things in depth before reaching a conclusion. It also means that I may not work so well with people who are more knowing… So in the real world what does this mean?

The test was really interesting as I think about my interactions with my clients and colleagues. Where do my communications work? how and when am I effective and when not? How do some of my clients respond better to me than others?

On the theme of the personality in business from a previous post, this is just another way for us to classify ourselves and to find ways to better act on how we interact. If people around me are highly Thinking in their approach then how can I be, talk and act to inspire confidence?

Clearly there is no 100% right 100% all the time answer but it certainly is interesting to reflect on when things work or don’t work. The more mindful we are of our interactions the more stable we can be in those and over time just get better at being master communicators.

So what are you? Does it make sense in your view of yourself and others?