The App Store: Definition 2.0

Thinking about Steve Jobs’ comment that he had never seen anything like the mass of downloads and sales through the iPhone/iPod Touch app store is a real testament to the readiness of consumers to be full web/mobile 2.0 users with a simple catch: ease of use. I had thought that there needed to be some practicality or application value but that too takes a second seat according to the app store. One if the most popular downloads was a virtual Star Wars Light Sabre which did nothing but use the in-built iPhone accelerometer to make swooshing sounds. Until it was pulled by Lucas Arts, it was a massively popular application – simple but useless – and there are so many more of them!

How long until Nokia, SonyEricsson or Samsung (etc) develop their own application stores and open them to the developer community? To me T-Mobile’s announcement to open their own shows the ‘and me’ thinking here but why not? Done well the millions of non-apple phone users will have a means to pointless apps to show off at the water cooler.

If ringtones were 1.0 for mobile, surely apps are the 2.0? The holy Grail then I guess is linking apps to advertisers and turning the closed user community into a fully serviced online mobile content and commerce platform where calls just happen to also happen.