The App Store: Definition 2.0

Thinking about Steve Jobs’ comment that he had never seen anything like the mass of downloads and sales through the iPhone/iPod Touch app store is a real testament to the readiness of consumers to be full web/mobile 2.0 users with a simple catch: ease of use. I had thought that there needed to be some practicality or application value but … Read More

iPhone wish list

Now that I have moved to the iPhone from Windows, there are a few items on my wish list I would love to see in future iPhone firmware updates: Multitasking – can we have a short and a long press home key. Short press minimizes, long press closes and double tap (rather than iPod) would show open apps to select. … Read More

HTC TyTN is dwarfed by the Apple iPhone

Eight months ago I bought an HTC TyTN II and was extremely impressed it was a work horse, fast, durable and did all I wanted. Having been familiar with Windows CE/Mobile for quite some time (Since the iPaq v2 basically) I was not troubled by the clunky Windows experience, clearly I am not a Mac OS user because the only … Read More