Stop looking! You are where you need to be: right here, right now!

  “Ignition – in a nuclear context occurs as a reaction in which two or more atomic nuclei collide at a high-speed and join to form a new type of atomic nucleus resulting in the release of huge amounts of energy” A little while ago I had that moment where I stopped dead in my tracks. “Hang on! Where am I and … Read More

A prayer for my daughter

  “Poets are people who can still see the world through the eyes of children” Alphonse Daudet My darling daughter, When you grow up and inherit this world, I wish you a future unburdened by hatred. As I watch you now, waving and greeting everyone you see, there is no judgement behind your actions. Your innocence is pure and your … Read More

The Abnormal Manifesto

You can take ‘normal’ and shove it! Have you ever been told,” Darling, you’re such a normal lover.”? Or “your daughter (or son) is so normal in class, she doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary at all.”? What is normal anyway? From Googling “What does normal mean” you get: So, it’s vanilla, boring, safe, blah and grey (not the … Read More

Coming back – full circle

It has been a long time since I wrote anything. It has also been a long time since I have felt like I have had anything to say. Those who know me well and have known me for a long time will tell you that it is unlike me not to have much to say. The thing is I have … Read More

Gratitude – key to connecting with meaning

I think we all know the saying to “stop and smell the roses” and few will be able to argue with the validity of the saying. I also think that few of us actually take the time to do just that. In today’s world of Facebook notifications, Twitter’s tweets, push email and 24/7 television we are constantly going forward at … Read More

5 Things Nelson Mandela Taught Me

On this sad day I rejoice in thanks to the greatest son of Africa and the father of our nation. As I do so, I give thanks to these 5 things that Tata Madiba has taught Me To be proud to be South African: I am (still) learning to be a proud South African and not to be ashamed of … Read More

Overcoming fear, conquering the world

So, I have a fear that I need to overcome… Whenever I think about the upcoming Scuba course I am doing, I realise I have to go through the practice of letting water into my mask and demonstrating I can purge the water. My fear of water coming up my nose however completely panics me. Even the thought of it… … Read More

Steve Jobs biography – what’s my takeaway?

Having just finished the fabulously well written biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson I have found myself contemplating what type of man Steve was. Would I like to work with or for him or would I naturally hate him? I wrote a short tribute post on the day Steve passed away. There I was already aware (how could one not be) of his different … Read More

Movember – 4 days left

I have raised over £595 for Movember – thank you to those who have donated and supported me!!! I am really excited that I am ranked number in the 1469 in the UK for funds raised (out of 1m+ UK participants)! I have 4 days left to push past and raise more, wouldn’t it be amazing if I could pass … Read More

Movember in full growth – musings on facial hair

I have started growing my Movember moustache, it has started to itch, started to get annoying and I can see it when I speak – without looking down! It is quite bizarre. I started thinking about facial hair and how some of us take it for granted because it just happened to us somewhere between 14 and 18 years of … Read More