A prayer for my daughter


“Poets are people who can still see the world through the eyes of children” Alphonse Daudet

My darling daughter,

When you grow up and inherit this world, I wish you a future unburdened by hatred. As I watch you now, waving and greeting everyone you see, there is no judgement behind your actions. Your innocence is pure and your intention simple. Don’t inherit my judgmental disposition.

I see in you a strong and vibrant personality. Already before you can talk! You’re the chatterbox and the entertainer. Don’t be shut up or shuffled into silence. It’s taken me far too long to find and own my own voice. Be to yourself always true. Criticism from another is only that person’s own fear projected. Your voice is unique and your story precious, don’t be shy to share them.

When you start your career, I wish you follow your heart and not the money. I know too many people, like me, who chased the cash and fuelled life on credit. Chasing our dreams was quickly replaced by chasing our tails.

In my life I’ve been surrounded by people who hear but don’t listen. They assume and suppose. They betray their friends and themselves because they miss the point. My girl, with your ability to talk comes a responsibility to listen. Take the time to clear the space and tune in. Listen to what is said and also what is not. Learn to understand and empathise. Listen to your friends, your family and your foes. Listen to yourself. Compassion is a virtue born out of understanding.

Most of all my darling I wish you joy, wellbeing and love. Open your heart and lean into your vulnerability. There is no shame in shame and your pain will always be nursed by those close to you. Share love with all and everyone. Love is a gift that brings life and peace. It was our love for each other gave your mother and I the gift of your smile.

I pray for you to keep the innocence and the wisdom of youth, always. The joys and the simplicity. I pray your life is unburdened by politics or propaganda. I pray you always spread the joy and the love you are already known for.