iPhone wish list

Now that I have moved to the iPhone from Windows, there are a few items on my wish list I would love to see in future iPhone firmware updates:

Multitasking – can we have a short and a long press home key. Short press minimizes, long press closes and double tap (rather than iPod) would show open apps to select.

Copy and Paste – I would love to be able to copy text from one application and use it in another (e.g. from a web page to a contact note)

Data over BlueTooth – I have and love my Tomtom and wish I could use my iPhone’s data connection to get the traffic updates (especially since Google Maps does not support this in the UK) and while on Tomtom, let the Tomtom read and reply to my text messages.

MMS – I am not a big user of MMS but on those occasions I do want to send a picture to a family member when I am watching that special sunset – email is not quite enough.

Hotmail access – I love that I can access my Yahoo! mail on the phone but I so wish I had my Hotmail there too. Having had a Windows mobile for a while I got so used to Hotmail and MSN messenger being built in and now have to use a Safari E-Buddy version but it’s no where the same.

Sonos controller – the iTunes remote is a very cool app but as I use my Sonos for my music it would be great to have an iPhone remote for the Sonos too.

I am sure over time I will find more and hope also these come off the list as new versions are released 🙂