Invitation to join me for coaching

I have just published an invitation on Facebook:

I am inviting 2 people to join me on a free 8 week coaching journey.

“Dear Facebook friends – as so many of you know I have been on a very interesting journey of personal reconnection and rediscovery. My Haiku’s have been an almost daily reflection of the lessons I am learning or grappling with. I am now looking to give back as a life coach myself.

This is by no means a complete journey (as I have come to understand that that is not the point!) but I have reached a milestone I would like to share as an invitation and a request.

A key insight on the journey was that I have always wanted to coach and help people – to be in service to people. I have hidden from this in the most recent years but it is why I studied psychology, why I teach mindfulness, why I did Reiki and why I learnt hypnosis.

My WHY is to help people feel better about who they are, what they are and WHY they are.

So the invitation is this – I am looking to work with two people who themselves may be facing what I did… waking up one day and thinking, “How the hell did I get here? This is not where I thought I would be by now!”

If this is you – would you be interested in an 8 week rediscovery journey with me – for free? Do you know someone you think could be interested?

Why would I do this for free? Well the first thing is I need to build my hours, I need a coaching client while I work on my coaching skills and am guided by my own coach. The second is that I want to do this in service – to pay it forward.

The request is simple, please share this with someone you think may be interested to know more.”

The sessions won’t be structured to fit any models or processes. Rather they will be time to explore what is important to the coachee. My role will be to facilitate and help them reconnect. I will be there to help shine a light, help them read the map and to help them meet themselves at the question: Why?

I am passionate about helping people connect with their sense of purpose, reignite their passions and discover their unique gifts to the world. I believe that there are too many people who are living the lives they feel they are supposed to be living. Stuck in existence mode rather than living vibrantly.

We face so many expectations and so many pressures that we can sometimes feel helpless and overwhelmed. It is no surprise that we may want to hide under the TV box sets or Facebook.

Sometimes all we need is a space, one that is safe and that is our own. A place where we can be ourselves, open up to what scares us and also what drives us. A place where we can explore the light and the dark and where whatever discovery we make, that is okay.

Everyone has a gift, an insight and a light inside that makes us unique. Sometimes we feel that we have to hide it, ignore it or forget about it.

In coaching we can explore what it means to re-ignite that part of you and to bring it back into your life.

Ageless wisdom talks of the unity of mind, body and spirit. Today however so many people are all mind and no spirit. Not because they don’t want to but they don’t know how to. We are taught to think but often we don’t know how to just be.

I want to hold a space for that journey back to your light. To learn who you are, what you are and importantly why you are. A chance to find your magic.

All my life I have been a go-to-guy for those asking why. People who questioned themselves, their lives or the challenges they faced. I am known for my ability to listen and to empathise, without judgement.

Also throughout my own life I have faced challenges of fitting in, being authentic and believing in myself. These personal challenges have been my life experience and they are my qualifications.

Like so many, when I was 20 I had a vision of my life ahead of me. Then, one day in his my 30’s I woke up and felt that my life had slowly been unravelling around me and I hadn’t realised. I could not believe that this was it, that this was my life! I felt I had achieved nothing and had nothing to show! I narrowly avoided a breakdown or a mid-life crisis.

One of the most important things that brought me back to an even keel was knowing I was not alone. I had a coach, I had a dream and I had the stories of others who had been before me.

I am now happier than I had ever been before and I am on a mission to help others reconnect, come back full circle and to feel vibrantly alive.

Do you want to go on a journey with me? If so, let me know by email david [at]