Moving on to things new, and better…

After five and a half years I have to say that so much has changed. I have certainly grown up in some ways and learnt even more but now it is time for me to spread my wings and do so thanking the Ariadne team and all our clients, friends and investors.

My appreciation of the struggle that entrepreneurs face daily is very real as I now consider that path myself. It’s not only about raising capital. It’s about finding the team you can rely on, the proposition to engage investors, commercial partners and customers, the passion to keep the conviction alive and the openness, the wisdom to know when to adapt or stick your path and the humility to see luck, fortune and good things when they happen.

When I joined Ariadne I was certainly not aware of the intricacies of the venture world. I can’t claim to be an expert now, rather far from. In some ways I wish I knew only what I knew then because it made me question why some things were done the way they were and had the bliss of naivety. In many other ways I appreciate how people have turned to me for guidance. Thank you for that opportunity.

Five and a half years ago there was no iPhone, iPad or iCloud and no Google Plus (I still don’t understand Google Plus!). Facebook was the upstart while MySpace (remember them?) was going gangbusters. Pintrest and Instagram didn’t exist and Zynga was probably only a swear word in some far away land. In the time since then we have seen markets and behemoths (Lehmans, Woolworths, Border) fall, corporates have had to face burning platforms (Nokia, Yahoo!, RIM?) and we have seen the absolute rise of social media and its impact on all things digital and physical (FourSquare, Instagram, Twitter). In the five years I have worked with some of the smartest people I have ever met and know that many of them will go on to build amazing businesses and do phenomenal things.

I’d like to stay in touch with the people I have met in this journey while at Ariadne, do drop me a line if you wish to twitter the old fashioned way or Tweet me in the new (@Dordje). My contact details are on LinkedIn.