Reflections on productising for start-ups and corporates

This past weekend I spent time with a group of like-minded people to learn more about building products with a purpose rather than building products for product sake. The workshop was run by Darren Shirlaw ( who I had seen present a few times previously and always have been impressed by. Darren’s approach is not magical but rather very pragmatic … Read More

Personality awareness for successful cooperation

Have just read Mark Suster’s post “How to Run Better Presentations & Improve Results” ( and wanted to repost some of the key takeaways as he mirrors my thinking and experience. If you don’t subscribe to Mark’s blog… do! Key takeaways: 1. Determine the personality type. Is the person an extrovert or an introvert – a talker or a listener. … Read More

Person-centric business

Just the other day I was called up, out of the blue, by a previous client of mine, asking if we could work together again. I was really pleased that his impression of how we collaborated the first time was really positive. This had me reflect on my most successful client relationships and what the secret of their success was. … Read More

Online Recruitment – A Killer Web 2.0 Opportunity?

The era of the digital network is just beginning as social networks become the battle ground for the next wave of killer applications. Facebook and LinkedIn are both open platforms allowing third party developers to access their user base and provide services and applications, creating a new paradigm of personal engagement. At the same time as this new paradigm starts … Read More

The App Store: Definition 2.0

Thinking about Steve Jobs’ comment that he had never seen anything like the mass of downloads and sales through the iPhone/iPod Touch app store is a real testament to the readiness of consumers to be full web/mobile 2.0 users with a simple catch: ease of use. I had thought that there needed to be some practicality or application value but … Read More

Touchy feely social tech

Just reading that Facebook is not only the biggest online social network, it’s the fastest growing, makes me wonder what this phenomenon is, why and what it’s bubble looks like? With my new phone I have been far more engaged with micro blogging to Twitter via the iPhone app Twinkle and think it’s all about touchy feely technology. You know … Read More

Yahoo!’s Downfall… Thanks to Shareholders?

Yahoo! an ex-darling of the web doesn’t appear to have much air left in it’s tyres with yet another announcement of a service being stopped. Yahoo had a music service and with Hollywood deal maker Terry Semel at the helm, invested in this sector by buying music match an creating a pre-Last FM version of social music with recommendations, premium … Read More

Sonos, still music to my ears

Isn’t it just awesome when something just works and does not need recallibration from time to time? That’s what I have with my Sonos ( which has all my music digitized an available at the touch of a button with the flexibility of wireless.

iPhone wish list

Now that I have moved to the iPhone from Windows, there are a few items on my wish list I would love to see in future iPhone firmware updates: Multitasking – can we have a short and a long press home key. Short press minimizes, long press closes and double tap (rather than iPod) would show open apps to select. … Read More

HTC TyTN is dwarfed by the Apple iPhone

Eight months ago I bought an HTC TyTN II and was extremely impressed it was a work horse, fast, durable and did all I wanted. Having been familiar with Windows CE/Mobile for quite some time (Since the iPaq v2 basically) I was not troubled by the clunky Windows experience, clearly I am not a Mac OS user because the only … Read More