3 Reasons why you need a chief technologist in a start-up

A common and increasingly asked question I find myself getting from start-up entrepreneurs is “Do I need a CTO or technologist as a co-founder, can I not just outsource the pure technical development and own the IP?” I have 3 key reasons, based on experience supporting start-ups through funding and commercial success, as to why I think the answer to … Read More

Technology for enablement

Been working on a presentation for Entrepreneur Country’s Profit with Technology seminar on the 26th October. The slides have just been uploaded to my slideshare account. The really interesting thing is the research – how many technologies and products have we forgotten about because they failed as quickly as they became known to us? Sinclair, Betamax, Iomega Zip, Minidisc and … Read More

Tribute to Steve Jobs – an unconventional legend

I woke this morning to the news that a man I’d never met and yet considered a role model, Steve Jobs, had died age 56 of pancreatic cancer. This day is, for me and many thousands of “Apple” people, grey. The world has lost an icon, legend and an unconventional leader. I am a recent convert to Apple and having … Read More

5 Start-up Mistakes Leading to Misaligned Propositions

Getting a proposition wrong can be expensive and damage a product brand and yet so regularly I see great companies with great ideas and products miss the mark in their proposition. One of the most difficult things for start-ups is building, testing, sharpening and reinforcing their proposition. All too often the entrepreneurs get the concept, design the software and launch … Read More

Why businesses need coaches or mentors

For the sports-focused society that we are, I am surprised that there are not more high-paced businesses that make use of business coaches and mentors. I have come across very few people who admit to seeing the benefit of leveraging an outsider as a confidante, advisor and coach but rather the opposite “We are doing okay, why would we need … Read More

Doing and Thinking about Local Business: My Four-Axis Approach

I have been preparing for the Google Think Local conference on the 4th October where I am hosting a panel of three who each have a specific and highly relevant experience of thinking about local business or leveraging online opportunities to make business possible local. Joining me are Brad Liebmann (founder of Geocast.com – local mobile advertising network), Peter Gandy … Read More

The corporate dilemma according to John Maynard Keynes

5 Steps of Corporate Change to Adopting Digital The corporate dilemma seems so well encapsulated by John Maynard Keynes’ quote: “The difficulty lies not in the new ideas, but in the letting go of old ones, which ramify, for those brought up as most of us have been, into every corner of our minds” In the work I am doing, … Read More

Businesses don’t cry – or do they?

Today at the Entrepreneur Country and Smith & Williamson workshop event I gave a presentation about tailoring ones business plan to investors. Before me Duncan Cheatle (Founder of Supper Club and co-founder of Start Up Britain) spoke about building capital value in a start-up and after me Travers Clarke-Walker (Head of Barclays Business Marketing) spoke about whether banks are lending … Read More

Tailoring Business Plans for Investors – A presentation for Entrepreneur Country

I have been asked to give a presentation about tailoring business plans for investors at the Entrepreneur Country Building Your Business Summer Workshop tomorrow (30th June 2011) in partnership with Smith & Williamson. As this is a core topic for the book I am working on I am rather excited about the opportunity. Googling “Writing Business Plans” returns 154m results … Read More

Think, Feel, Know – what are you?

I am Thinking, Feeling, Knowing… huh? I did the Think Feel Know test over the weekend and was a little surprised to see I am 42% Feeling, 32% Thinking and only 25% Knowing. This means I respond energetically to the world around me, have an open and explorative style and discuss things in depth before reaching a conclusion. It also … Read More