david-headshot 400hAll my life I have been a go-to-guy for those asking why. People who questioned themselves, their lives or the challenges they faced. I am known for my ability to listen and to empathise, without judgement.

Also throughout my own life I have faced challenges of fitting in, being authentic and believing in myself. These personal challenges have been my life experience and they are my qualifications.

Like so many, when I was 20 I had a vision of my life ahead of me. Then, one day in my 30’s I woke up and felt that my life had slowly been unravelling around me and I hadn’t realised.

I could not believe that this was it, that this was my life! I felt I had achieved nothing and had nothing to show! I narrowly avoided a breakdown or a mid-life crisis.

One of the most important things that brought me back to an even keel was knowing I was not alone. I had a coach, I had a dream and I had the stories of others who had been before me.

I am now happier than I had ever been before and I am on a mission to help others reconnect, come back full circle and to feel vibrantly alive.

I believe that the most influential, interesting and effective people are those who take a different view on the world, do things differently. They are pushed by an inner need to create their own stamp on the world and in so doing create a strong pull for people to follow them. These are the people that inspire, challenge and excite the world around them.

I am passionate about personal development and the inner journey. In my spare time I work on my own personal growth, write Haiku poetry, practice and teach mindfulness and try to live a more authentic and present life. I am constantly trying to challenge myself, my thinking and my comfort zone. This blog is part of that challenge – to be vulnerable, open and honest about the process.

I think that too many people go through change alone and so part of my personal purpose is to share the vulnerability and the learnings, the failings and the insights from my own ongoing journey. I am here to help guide and provide a safe space to those who need it but mostly I hope that it may resonate with some and that they feel less alone in their journey.

Throughout my life I have been involved in helping, mentoring, advising or coaching. I have worked in diverse environments and fascinating teams and lovely people. I have worked as an analyst across divisions in tech companies, a strategic advisor to tech entrepreneurs and as a head of product and strategy in a niche media business. Across these different roles always I have found that I connect with people particularly when there is a shared interest in personal development, a quest for purpose and connection in their life.

I am the father of a toddler who is my best teacher in life, am married to an Events Specialist. I have a dual BA Psychology Degree, a Counselling Certificate, am a qualified Mindfulness Practitioner as well as a Reiki Practitioner. I love to learn new things, travel and am always keen to learn about foreign cultures, phrases in new languages and is a fan of good food and drink in great settings. I am a Swedish South African and speak English, Swedish, Afrikaans, some French and some Dutch.

I can be reached by email (hello)@(davidscholtz).com, on LinkedIn or on Twitter.